Host: Quick Backstage Tutorial

Open virtual Event

  • Login with your Eventtus account. You must be event owner or host to access the backstage.
  • Open the event details page and click on “Open Virtual Website" to start accessing the virtual lounge



Open Backstage

  • Before the session with 15 mins you can join the session for testing
  • Click on “Backstage” from the menu to access the sessions and get ready.

  • Select the correct session, and click “Join Session”. You will now be able to see if any speakers have joined



Prep your Speakers

  • You have now joined a video call with the other speakers but you are still not live for attendees.
  • Let the Speakers test their mic, camera and test sharing screens. Make sure they have good lighting and tidy background before starting the session. This is a private mode - No one can see you yet!


Go Live

  • Once they are all set and ready, you can click on “Start Broadcast” to start live streaming.
  • All speakers will then see the On Air tag indicating they're live.


End Broadcasting

  • Once speakers end their speech, you can end the session by clicking “End Broadcast".
  • Once broadcasting has ended, all speakers will see the Off Air tag.
  • Broadcasting will automatically ends 30 minutes after session end time if you didn't end it yourself.



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