How to manage my event orders?

You can manage the orders created for your event. You can approve or cancel orders. You can also re-send confirmation email.


1. Open your event admin panel

Go to your manage dashboard here:

Find your event and then click "Edit".


2. Open your orders dashboard

Click on the "Orders" tab on the left-hand side menu.



3. Filter Orders

You can filter orders based on different criteria. Select the filters you want to apply and then click "Filter".

Ticket Type: View all orders created for a specific ticket type

Ticket Status: View approved or pending approval orders.

Payment Status: View paid or not-paid orders.

Questions: Filter using the answers of a specific question.


4. Approve Pending Orders

View all pending approval orders by selecting "Pending Approval" and then click "Filter".

Click on the arrow on the right-side of each order item to view order details and approve order by clicking "Approve" button.


You can also cancel orders or re-send confirmation email.



4. View Order Answers

Click on the arrow on the right-side of each order item. Then Click on each ticket separately to view the answers added for each ticket.




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