How to create promotional code for my event?

Promotional codes are a great way to incentivize a purchase and increase your ticket sales. 

There're two types of promotional codes:

  • Discount Codes

This code is used to offer discounts.

  • Access Codes

This code is created to give access to hidden tickets. For example, you have a hidden ticket for the press and media. And you want this ticket type to be visible only to the people you invite. You'll use an "Access Code" to do so.

Note: You have to create a hidden ticket first to be able to use the access code.


Follow these steps to start creating promotional codes:

1. Open your event admin panel

Go to your manage dashboard here:

Find your event and then click "Edit".


2. Open "Tickets" tab on the left-hand side menu


3. Click "Manage Promo Codes"


4. Click "New Code"


5. Enter the promotional code details

  • Enter your promo code name

You can either enter the code yourself or click "Auto generate" to get a random 5 digits code.

  • Select start and end date/time

Select when this code will be valid and when it will end.

  • Select the code type: Discount or Access

Discount Amount: Set this to a final price or percentage to be taken off of the full price of your ticket (e.g. $100 or 100%, etc.)

  • Enter the number of uses. 

You can enter a set number of tickets that can have the promotion applied or allow the discount to be used in an unlimited fashion. 


6. Select ticket types

Check off any tickets that this code should apply to; this can be all ticket types or specific ticket types.


7. Click "Save" to create your promo code


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