How to create an event?

You can create an event in just a few minutes by following these steps:   

Step 1: Enter Event Details

  • Sign up or log into your Eventtus account.
  • Click “Create Event” in the home page or open this link.
  • Add your event details like: name, topics, tags, and video link. 

  • Add your event description. 

Tip: To format any text, select the text you want to format and then you'll see format popup to select if you want to make it bold, italic, or add link.


Step 2: Add your event logo and cover

  • Upload your event logo. It should be a square image with minimum 200px x 200px.
  • Upload a cover image for your event. The image should be at least: 1140px x 380px.
  • Make sure to use a catchy event logo and cover for better visibility.


Step 3: Set the venue location

  • Add your event address details. First select country, and then select the city. And then add your venue address. You can drop a pin on the map area too.


Step 4: Set your event date

  • Add your event start/end date and time. And select the timezone for the event. It's important to select the right timezone, since this will affect when people will receive updates about the event.


Step 5: Add other information and Save

  • Optionally, add your website, facebook page, twitter account or hashtag.
  • Click "Save" button. 

Your changes aren't saved automatically, so make sure to click "Save" once you’ve completed all three steps. 


Step 6: Publish Your Event

  • Once everything's ready, click “Publish” in the "Information" tab to make your event live.
  • Click "View" button to view your event and share this link with your attendees.


Note: If you want to sell tickets or have an online registration form for your event, check this page for a complete guide on how to do that using Eventtus.



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