How to create custom questions for attendees?

You can collect any information you need to know by creating custom questions for attendees to answer when they register. This can be used to collect contact information like phone and address. Or you can use to know your attendees' meal preferences.

Follow these steps to create custom questions:

1. Go to your Events Dashboard page.

After you log in and create an event, find your event on your event dashboard, and click "Edit". 

2. Collect information for the buyer only or for each attendee.

Go to "Tickets" page and edit your ticket. Select whether you want everyone to answer these questions, or only the person who is buying.

  • Each Attendee: Choose this option to collect information from each person attending the event. This works well for conferences and business events.
  • Buyer Only: With this option, you'll collect information from just the person purchasing tickets. This works well for concerts or entertainment events.

3. Create a new question.

•  Click "Registration Questions” in the tickets list page.

  • Click "Add new question".

4. Enter question name & hint.


5. Choose your question type.

You can select one of the following types:

• Text: Use a text field to collect short answers. It can be used in questions like "What is your job title?"

• Paragraph Text: Use a paragraph text field to collect longer answers. It can be used in questions like "Write a brief bio about yourself"

• Checkboxes - select multiple (checkboxes): Use checkboxes to collect multiple answers that you created to questions like "How did you find about this event?"

• Radio Buttons - select one choice from radio button choices: It can be used in questions like "Do you want to receive updates from us?"

• Dropdown List - select one choice from a dropdown list: It can be used in questions like "What is your age group?"


6. Select whether this question will be required or not.

If you want everyone who registers to answer this question check the "Required" checkbox.

7. Select which ticket types should have this question.

You can have different registration forms for each ticket type. In this section, you'll choose which ticket types will have this question added to them.

8. Click "Save".

Now You have added a new question to your registration form. Repeat the above steps for all the questions you want to add.


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