Can I create a free online registration form for my event?

Yes, you can create a free online registration form for your event. Free registration forms are great way to collect information in Free events. It's better to use a ticketing & registration system like Eventtus instead of google forms because it will give you a lot of flexibility and tools to manage your event, attendees information and engage your attendees.

Follow the following steps to create a free registration form:

Step 1: Create Your Event

  • Sign up or log into your Eventtus account.
  • Click “Create Event” in the home page or open this link.
  • Add your event details like: name, topics, tags, description. Make sure to add a catchy event logo and cover for better visibility.

  • Add your event address details.

  • Add your event start/end date and time.

  • Click "Save".


Step 2: Create Your Tickets

  • Click “Tickets” on the left-hand side menu.
  • Click “New Ticket” button.

  • Add your ticket details such as: name, start and end date, and ticket quantity.

  • Enter the value zero in the ticket price.
  • Click “Save” to add the ticket to your event.

Note: You can use the start and end date to create “Early bird” tickets. Early bird tickets are a great promotional tool.

Registration Form

You can add more questions to the registration process, if you want to collect more information from your attendees. Name and email questions are already added by default to all ticket types.

To add a registration form:

  • Click "Registration Questions” in the tickets list page.

  • Click "Add new question".

  • Add your question name and hint.
  • Select the question type. This can be either: Text, Paragraph, Checkbox, Radio Button, or a Dropdown list.
  • Select whether this question will be required or not.
  • Select which ticket types should have this question.
  •  Click "Save".


Step 3: Publish Your Event

  • Once everything's ready, click “Publish” in the "Information" tab to make your event live.
  • Click "View" button to view your event and share this link with your attendees.



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